Welcome To
Networqing Cloud

A scalable Cloud Infrastructure for everyone!

Our Infrastructure

A simple, scalable, robust and easy to use Cloud built with the latest hardware and all new softwares to ensure highest stability. 

99.99% Uptime

Downtime sucks! We hate it too, that's why we have load balancers and failover systems.

Cloud Backups & Snapshots

With Networqing Cloud, you can take Snapshots and Backups, anytime you want.

Redefined Speed

All our servers are built with NVMe SSD's so, no more I/O waits. You can also opt for Network Storage.

Run Any Stack

We don't have any restrictions on hosting content (Apart from illegal and Adult). You get full root access to play around.

Muliple Locations

We keep expanding our network, and currently we have 5 Locations for our users to deploy Cloud servers.

Hourly Billing For Everyone

Pay only for what you use! Our hourly billing mechanism keeps you free from bonds . Deploy and Destroy anytime you want. 

Our infrastructure is ready to handle large amount of Traffic

We have custom load balancers, Network Attached Disks, Scalable volumes and Private Network availability, Bring a thousand or Million users, We can handle it. 

Private Networks
Load Balancers
Floating IP

Attach Floating IP's to get Maximum uptime. Make a highly available cluster with our servers.

Our Amazing Clients